16 Dezember 2020 Joan Lascorz - Six by Six #3

To celebrate 25 years of Ninja ZX-6R, we asked six racers who played an important role in the life of the ZX-6R, six questions about their Ninja story. Six days, six people, six questions. Let's celebrate 25 years of track success for the iconic Ninja ZX-6R !
On a Superbike you were always a very physical rider and that is understandable as they are hard bikes to tame – what was your style on a 600, still physical or did you need to be even more smooth?
In national championships I didn't use my physicality too much for riding. But when I arrived at the WorldSSP championship I had to prepare myself better physically. I started to use my legs to ride better to push on the pegs etc. and I improved a lot to reach the highest level and be in the fight for the top positions.
You were an integral part of the Provec racing set-up from the beginning, how did your relationship develop?
Yes I still have a relationship with the Provec team. And will last forever. 
Motocard came in with sponsorship of you and the team from he early days and it is a very ‘local’ sponsor with a global reach. How much help was this for a Spanish rider going into WorldSSP at that time?
We started the relationship with Motocard in the Spanish championship. And without their help the jump to the world championship had been impossible. 
You continue to take part in other motorsports despite your accident, but have you developed any other pastimes or businesses recently?
I compete in several competitions and championships these last years. I won the national rally-raid championship in 2016. Recently I drove in my first international karting race getting two podiums.  As a project and dream I want to ride the Dakar rally. 
You have a big love of animals and wildlife – you even owned a cheetah once. Do you still have the cheetah and birds of prey/eagles/owls?
I do have a great affinity with nature. I have had a great relationship with a cheetah since 2008. It was one of the best friendships I ever had in my life. He died a few months ago during the lockdown. 
You seemed very laid back in your personality at all times but were a fierce competitor on track. How do you explain to people how you can be so ‘chilled’ even in the pitbox? 
People said I was aggressive on the track. But I believe that more than aggressive I was effective in overtaking. 
I have always respect for my opponents but that gave me great motivation in overtaking or winning them. 
You can be calm and have a great inner intensity. It's not the one who shouts the most aggressive, he simply doesn't know how to control himself.